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Dear members of Hetalia fandom,

This message is in regards to the “Hetalia wiki” that is seen on the “Wikia” website. During November 2010 we moved away from that site and we currently reside at hetalia.wikinet.org. This decision was made initially due to functionality issues, but became more heated due to threats and harassment from staff at wikia (at one point getting so bad it caused a great deal of psychological pain and distress to one of our editors – a thirteen year old girl – one of their favorite targets), who have been known to care less about whether information is true or not and care more about pageviews. In all likelihood, the pages you’ve used there are full of information invented by fans in order to create bias for or against certain characters or pairings, or simply to mess with people in fandom.

We urge you to instead use and help expand the resources at our new location and point all your fandom friends our way as well.