SOPA and PIPA have NOT been abandoned.

There are posts like these going around claiming that SOPA and PIPA have been abandoned. This is MISINFORMATION. Had the original poster and the 3,000-something people who reblogged the post actually bothered to check the linked article, they would have discovered that it was about how both bills have lost sponsors.

This is good news, but each bill started out today with around 30-40 sponsors each, so while a couple striking away their support is great, THIS DOESN’T MEAN THE BILL IS TOAST. There is still work to be done.

And honestly? Check to make sure these kind of posts have correct information before you reblog them. This is the internet - you need to take every ‘fact’ you read with a grain of salt. Stuff like this is incredibly harmful to our fight to defeat these bills. And spreading stuff like that is incredibly irresponsible.

Seriously I think this is the eighth time I’ve had to make a post like this. Why is taking two seconds to check the information so hard? I mean really.

If everyone could reblog this or a post like it to get it to those already affected by said misinformation that would be great.